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The Moon series.


If girls think I’m gonna bad mouth them after sex, nope.

Passionate, but not intimate sex. Pretty much just straight fucking, is on my mind

Sit down, drank.

Gotta keep going. When you start yawning, the weakness creeps in


Fast-food workers in 30 countries participate in biggest food strike in history

Today will mark the largest fast food strike ever, spreading far beyond U.S. borders. Organizers expect to rally in more than 150 U.S. cities and in cities in over 30 different countries. Fast Food Forward, a New York-based labor group, and the International Union of Food, Agricultural, Hotel, Restaurant, Catering, Tobacco and Allied Workers’ Association (IUF) have joined forces to help orchestrate the fast food employee walk-off. The goal of a global call to action is to usher in change, so that this $200 billion industry stops exploiting their employees with low wages and preventing them from unionizing.

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Five Ways the U.S. Enabled the Islamic State (Because ISIS is a bigger threat to Russia than NATO is...)


Was ISIS’ enabling by the US and NATO intentional? Or are Western policy wonks “Simply Stupid”?

Foreign Policy In Focus (top link):
See ” ISIS to the Rescue; Amid NATO’s failures in Ukraine, America’s terrorist mercenaries threaten war with Russia at Land Destroyer for the geopolitical threat ISIS presents to Russia, which also goes a long way to explaining the Pentagon and NATO’s love-hate relationship with Islam’s jihadists in general.

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